Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Miles to Go, Before I Sleep

I've been seriously writing for a while now - because I think I can't breathe or read anything else, until I get TUCS out of me. At this point in my life, somehow everything is about Karan-Zoya.

Would Karan wear this shirt? Would Zoya actually say this? Would they watch this movie on their second date?

Its exhausting. And its also annoying because no matter where I go or what I'm doing - I'm living their life and not mine.

At work (yes, its been a year of that which is why I really don't write anymore), there are moments when I just stop and think of what Zoya would do if she was here. And that's proof of how insane I'm becoming because Zoya isn't even in this profession.

Anyway, so I am at an interesting point right now because the next ten pages I write will basically take the biggest decision there is - Does this book have a happy ending or a sad one?

Its a question that has haunted me since I wrote the first page in February 2010, and tragically enough I still don't have an answer.

I don't know if I should just leave it to "Fate", where I just write and see where the story takes me, or if I should actively take this decision and then choose to go down a particular path.

Mind over Matter, Heart vs. Brain?

It seems weak and silly to leave it to Fate when I've invested so much in TUCS but I don't think I have the strength in me to choose.

Hopefully, by September 30th, 2013 - we'll know :) 

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