Monday, March 12, 2012

Fading Away

The flame dances around and fascinated I silently watch. Slowly, it begins to fade and die. It's quiet here, silent almost even though I'm surrounded by people. Turning my attention to what lies outside, I look out of the glass at the city that lies below and beyond me, the city I have fallen in love with. I see the perfectly cloudless night sky and an enchanting golden full moon gliding away quietly and quickly. I see the roads full of cars, as expected on a Saturday night, all in a hurry to get somewhere else. Everyone, everything seems to be in this hurry to get away from here, to go somewhere else. But where? Where were we all headed?
Sighing, I give up on my thoughts. And when I look away from the view of the endlessly curving roads and the constantly moving spots of light, when I look into the glass, I see the reflection of a girl who is not me. I see a girl I don't recognise anymore.

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