Friday, March 23, 2012

Three Years and A Lifetime of Memories

I have no words, and that's a first because I generally don't shut up.
Three years of college have gone by, with the best year obviously slipping away so quickly, that I never got to just sit in class. I still keep thinking that it's July. Except it's not, and March is coming to an end.
When I first joined Francis, I never quite thought I'd feel this way, I never ever thought I'd miss this place, or cry over the fact that it's all coming to an end. But that's just the thing.
It's the people I met here that have changed it all and made college so brilliant.
Whether its sitting outside the language staff room and eating the canteen food with two of my best friends, or bunking class on 'work' with the COFEE gang, or meeting my Gemini 'twin' for a hurried stupid crisis, or studying in the car at 8 am for the exams with my marketing partner, I'm actually going to really miss this place. I'm even going to miss the green classrooms, and the stupid exam forms, the annoying certificates and the bad-vibes library. Third year especially has been absolutely brilliant with the best lecturers, so much work, so much bitching, a little studying, a fantastic organisation that can just about make anything happen, a Kotler seminar, a management fest, two marketing orientations and two absolutely epic farewells.
If I had to live it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing!
Because in the end, it all turned out okay. More than okay.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Because It's Not Just An Organisation

COFEE 2011-12 comes to an end today, and I simply can't believe it. It has been a whirlwind journey, and I will miss every single moment. Time, as usual has flown away way too quickly.
Whether it was dying editing Vantage, writing out scripts and certificates, planning every small detail and always losing the page we wrote it in, cribbing about everything and everyone, crisis management for backdrops and laughing hyperly, without any worry, at the end of it all, COFEE will always make up some of my best moments in college.
To the team that made college truly special- I'll never forget you guys! Wish we could live it all over again!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fading Away

The flame dances around and fascinated I silently watch. Slowly, it begins to fade and die. It's quiet here, silent almost even though I'm surrounded by people. Turning my attention to what lies outside, I look out of the glass at the city that lies below and beyond me, the city I have fallen in love with. I see the perfectly cloudless night sky and an enchanting golden full moon gliding away quietly and quickly. I see the roads full of cars, as expected on a Saturday night, all in a hurry to get somewhere else. Everyone, everything seems to be in this hurry to get away from here, to go somewhere else. But where? Where were we all headed?
Sighing, I give up on my thoughts. And when I look away from the view of the endlessly curving roads and the constantly moving spots of light, when I look into the glass, I see the reflection of a girl who is not me. I see a girl I don't recognise anymore.