Friday, February 3, 2012

Waking Up!

Talk about being original! :)

The DNA ad came out in August 2011.
And The Hindu ad - January 2012

And all I have to say for The Hindu-

If TOI is below your class, stop chasing its readers. Hey, maybe we want to know what Hrithik's petname is and whether Abhi-Ash had a baby boy or girl. I for one do.
Because maybe sometimes you're fed up of the miserable reality the world has to offer with corruption, rape, wars and a never ending economic crisis being daily items on the menu. So maybe we want to read something fun and inane. And yes, I LOVE the advertisements, especially seeing the first entire page ones.
And dear Hindu, if you do decide to indulge in an ad war with the newspaper that happens to be the largest circulated English language newspaper across all formats in the world (the TOI), at least find an original concept. And better actors. Really.
Also, for a newspaper that claims to be 'above the rest' because 'oh my god we are SO goddamn intellectual' how are you selling your soul? The Hindu's front page today (as I was informed by a Hindu reader who coincidentally had a very difficult time staying awake today) had a full page Vodafone ad- the same as on the TOI.
Perhaps the end of the world really is near, because copying the DNA ad wasn't enough, The Hindu is now adopting TOI policies too? My, my I never thought I'd live to see this day!
Must be a result of "waking up" and a restructuring of their top level management.

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