Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two Much

A big thank you to my lovely Zoya, who has to put up with me and my stupid opinions, and to the infuriating Karan, who after so many debates, finally has a surname. TUCS would be nothing without your delightful chemistry, and you two make me want to write your story. And you make not really having a life somehow worth it.

To K3G (and the amazing SRK entrance scene) for being on TV every Sunday afternoon- it's just what I need to get into my writing mood.

To Alan Bennett because Chronology really is a deterrent. (And such a bitch!)

And to everyone out there who still remembers what TUCS is, you guys are the best! Thank you for putting up with me =)

It's been two years and I know I need to forget the world and just sit down and get it all out of me. And I will.

If I get to Goa that is.

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