Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Invisible Much?

Where has Pepsi gone? They’ve just disappeared. Post the ‘Change The Game’ campaign they undertook in April for the Cricket World Cup, I haven’t seen anything new. And they haven’t reacted to what Coke has done- it’s dropped its prices by 2 rupees just ahead of the scorching summer. And Pepsi still remains quiet which leaves me wondering if this is just the lull before the storm…

Brand Equity came out with its list of ‘India’s Most Exciting Youth Brands’ and surprise surprise Coco Cola trumps Pepsi. Now a company that once used the line ‘Yeh hai youngistaan, meri jaan’ and played only to the youth, seriously needs to do some reworking and rethinking, if it’s biggest competitor is upping it in youth popularity polls.

Ironically enough, Pepsi was the first brand ever, to associate itself with its consumers, saying 'Live in the Pepsi Generation' in the 70s. In India, Ranbir Kapoor was the celebrity endorser for the brand and given that Rockstar has been declared a hit with critics and masses, it is strange that there is no campaign featuring him. Pepsi’s last campaign, ‘Change the Game’ was largely targeted at the youth again because it used cricketers like Dhoni, Raina, Kohli and the others. Contrastingly Coke has used Imran Khan, who some might say doesn’t rank as high in youth popularity polls as RK. The new Coke ad, for the new year only features the spirit of happiness, a sentimental concept and a catchy hopeful song.

Given all of that, it is surprising that Pepsi is still keeping a low front.
I know ‘Hindu-TOI’ are the new Pepsi-Coke, but I really miss the days of the cola wars! ('Nothing Official About It' is one of the most epic lines ever!)

On a happier note, the big guys in Telecom are simply making my week.
Love Vodafone’s newest ad featuring the pug again, despite the fact that I hate the pug. Its simplicity of thought is what I like best and of course being the sappy romantic I am, I love the line – “Just you, just me. I think that’s all we need” And Airtel- with your new promotional campaign, “talk to us one-to-one” you leave me grinning, because that is just such a smart idea!

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