Sunday, January 29, 2012

Perceptual Blocking

In Marketing, its defined as the everyday noise that our mind automatically shuts out, because if we processed every single thing that was happening around us, we'd lose it. (And that's really an understatement)

You don't notice every single advertisement in the newspaper, you miss a few signboards and some people while you're driving, you don't register what every single person is wearing or doing in a shopping mall, simply because its too much.

And so, your mind knows when to filter and what to block. And it does this without you having to point it out, or remind it to do so.

If only we could do that consciously too.

(Now in Marketing, when you do that, you're protecting yourself from things you don't want to hear or see and its Perceptual Defence. Like for instance, a smoker ignoring the anti-smoking commercials. But I'm not talking about that.)

If only we could make our wicked brain shut up for a while, and consciously choose to ignore the small things about all the people we care about - life would be so much easier. And happier.

Who cares about whether or not he opens the door for you, or if she's texted you before she's tweeted good morning to the rest of the world? Why would you keep a count of which of your friends called you at midnight on your birthday? Why does it matter if someone never makes the first move, takes the first step? Why do we have to remember the small flaws we all have? Why do we have to be so petty?

Why can't we block all of that crap out and just remember that these people matter, irrespective of their flaws and habits. Because no one can makes us happy, the way they do. 

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