Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Escape It All

"The roar of the sea, that thunderous sound the waves make~ for some reason I find that calming. Their strife, the way they crash, the power they possess to swoop over everything, destroy everything that lies in their path- I find absurdly peaceful. I could sit on the beach all day, doing absolutely nothing, because I cannot stop looking. Listening to the waves- it’s probably the best way to put me to sleep. 
Goa is picturesque in a way that’s hard to explain. Every step, every turn we take, every corner leads us to a house that simply tells a tale, that narrates the most beautiful story so vivid, so surreal so dramatic and yet so subtly simple, so simply subtle. 
There’s so much history, so much to learn and so much to feel. Goa is vibrant, colorful, and just all over the place. It’s simply festive. You can’t be here and NOT want to jump around. And then you go to the beach and serenity just takes over.
It’s like you’ve found contentment, or actually achieved self-actualization. And in a way I suppose it’s like being high. Because your mind starts to numb, your thoughts turn hazy, and you stop worrying about every single thing that happens to be wrong with the world and just sit around like an idiot smiling to yourself. Goa makes you forget your worries.
(Don't even get me started on the food, I won't stop. Sigh.)

It smells different, not the salt-sweat-sea-fish smell that I’m so used to. It’s nothing like Bombay. Nothing.
The humidity here even feels different from the humidity I know. It for some reason reminds me of Kerela. I don’t quite know why. There’s a part of me that’s scared, terrified even that I won’t like Bombay now. Because Bombay has no space for laziness, slowness, tranquility and stopping to think. Bombay is always in this mad rush, this hurry to get to the next step, the next place even though no one in the world has a clue of what the next step is, or where we’re supposed to go the next second.
But Goa, Goa is where you can take your time, pause to not smell the roses but rather to sniff the air and decide if you want to call this feeling contentment or tranquility.
As for what I’m calling it~ I don’t know, I haven’t quite decided yet. 
So excuse me for a bit, I must go continue sniffing the air :)"

~ And THIS is why I wish I could be back there. Now

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