Thursday, December 8, 2011

Need Chocolate Cake. NOW.

I know I haven't be so dedicated about blogging this year. (Given the number of drafts there are, I can assure you I've been very lazy.) But the thing is, when you're attempting to write a novel, you don't really have the time to write your pointless thoughts, unless you need some space to escape the aforementioned novel. So you write as a break, or to vent about writing, or if something really really strikes you.

A couple of things I've learnt while working on TUCS~

-It's a bad idea to write a novel that has advertising in it, when you're not a very strict-about-deadlines kind of person. You constantly ignore your book, to either look at other ads, or you get lost in another world trying to create brands and ads that don't really occupy center-stage in your novel.

-It is also a horrible idea to tell any of your siblings or cousins that you are working on a novel. They will make your life miserable.Trust me.

-Never look at pictures of food, especially Devil's Food Cake and anything else that has chocolate in it. And especially not at 2 am.

-It is also a huge mistake to have any kind of technology around you. Throw away your phones and the internet. I know you need music, but that should be the only thing that you can resort to for entertainment or inspiration. The Internet is evil.

-Never watch Vampire Diaries when you're in a writing mood. It'll go away and you'll just watch every episode you can lay your hands on, and then be miserable.

-If you go to Landmark to get inspired, do not buy books. Bad idea.

-And the worst thing you can do while trying to write a novel- live with your family. They will obsess over food. And while it is fantastic that there is someone there who cares for you and makes sure that you eat at regular intervals, its just tragic because somehow family has a way of talking about food and thereby making you realise that you are starving at just the wrong moments.

So how do all the writers out there ever finish their damn books?

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