Monday, November 21, 2011

Stand By Me

Can Happiness cripple you? Or is that just me?
When you're so overjoyed, overwhelmed and over the goddamn moon about everything that's happening, you absolutely love what you have. You fear change.

Happiness cripples you. It makes you crave constancy, and hate change.
Because you love everything you have so much and you want to hold on to the moment and never let it go, never let it pass by you. Because you’re so afraid that tomorrow will only bring unhappiness, tomorrow can only bring unhappiness. Because things are so perfect right now, that they simply can’t get any better.
And any change that comes tomorrow, will only make you a little less happy.
And so you want 
permanence and a steady life. And you worry. 
And in a world that only changes, it is such a handicap to detest change, to cling to what you have right now.

Happiness can be so disastrous
Because if you're stupid like me, it can make you fear tomorrow. 

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