Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tired of Technology

Just a couple of days back I had this thought about people and things being so dispensable.
And now I realise (because Blackberry networks have been down for 3 days) that somehow I want to blame technology for making humans dispensable. Because things, oh they are SO not dispensable.
And who wants to talk to a person, when they can just tweet about it and let the world know right? Irony of the matter- I chose to blog about this, instead of actually telling someone in person. It doesn't matter to me if anyone reads this or not, or if someone shares their opinion with me on this or not- all I want, is to just put it out there. But who, who am I talking to right now? Technology came around (it was invented by us humans I know- another excellent example of the greatness of human stupidity) and it changed the entire concept of Communication, which is good in so many ways that I can't even begin to list them here, but is it making us less human?
Because I'm realising that I can live without talking to people, but I can't live without a fully functioning phone. And its the same with so many other people. Which is ridiculous if you think about it. Or maybe that's just me.
Of course I can always defend myself by saying that a phone is technically needed to talk to people and therefore humans aren't dispensable. But then again Facebook and Twitter- they aren't people now, are they?
Because the truth is, I can ignore things that have to be talked about, I can avoid sorting out issues with people even when they really need to be sorted out, I can be okay with plans getting cancelled- But somehow I cannot be okay with BB networks deciding to crash.
Or maybe its because I just expect technology to be super efficient and just about perfect- and humans, we're awesome, but we sure as hell aren't perfect. We all have our eccentricities and that just makes us who we are.
This dependence on technology, I have never approved of, and the last two days are just reminding me of how potentially disastrous this can turn out to be.
I don't know about Global Warming and all of that, but something tells me that Technology will probably be the end of us.
Because if you look at it, Technology is the Villain today- in every sense. (And the heartbreakingly gorgeous knight in shining armour as well.) And the tragic truth of the matter is- we wouldn't want it any other way, simply because we can't imagine our life without it. We can't go back to living like we used to, before it had come around and changed us.
It's this horrible love story- where you fall in love with the wrong person, and you know they will break your heart but there is simply nothing you can do about it because you love them.
And so, slowly begins that process of destruction and annihilation. 

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