Monday, October 31, 2011

Heroes, Friends and Epic Dramas

I cannot believe I haven't written about Airtel's 'Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai' or Hero Moto Corp's 'Hum Mein Hai Hero' yet. What have I been doing? *rolls eyes* But better late than never.

Har Friend Zaroori (HFZ) is a brilliant ad. No, not just because the song is so fucking catchy even when you listen to it in Telugu and can't understand a word. It reflects real life- it's real. I can't quite think of another word to describe it- somehow epic, real, catchy and funny are the only things that come to mind, and really I know I'm not doing it justice. While most people love the kanjoos friend and the restaurant bill ad, my favourite is the F1 ad. Again, not just because one guy is Rohan from K3G, (I can't believe I didn't realise that!) or because the main guy is so charming, but just because it's so... fun. (What is with my vocab?) It makes you want to just go out and be with the people you love, and I think the drastic image change that Airtel is going with- to appeal to the youngsters out there- it's a good idea. A very Blackberry type stark turnaround. I don't know if Airtel has made their shift from JWT to Taproot for good, but I think they should seriously consider it. Taproot just has this way of tapping into our souls and picking themes that are just SO right.

A direct contrast to the fun HFZ campaign is Hero Moto Corp's 'Hum Mein Hai Hero' ad, which has brilliant lyrics and builds on the concept of a hero in every Indian's heart and soul- man, woman or child. It focuses on the struggles we face, and how we triumphantly rise in the end. My favourite one is the little boy, proudly and determinedly playing cricket against the Indian army, after the rest of his friends scamper away because the ball smashes against the army car window. I think that kid is brilliant- the scene where he refuses to give them the bat, and so (endearingly) stubbornly decides to bat- it's epic. I wish I had written it.
It makes me cry. Yes, really it does. (But then again so does Cabury's Diwali Celebrations ad- for the third year in a row) The aggressive ad campaign was designed to increase the public loyalty and inform us that Hero Honda is now just Hero.  It's SO Indian- full tugging at the heartstrings type ad, designed to be melodramatic yet subtle. Again, here too, I love the song- this time though for it's lyrics. The music by A R Rahman is  simply outstanding. Fantastic branding and rebranding on Hero's part. If you need inspiration, to do anything- you should just listen to the song.
(Note to self: Take your own advice, listen to the song and go study!)

Another thing I have to mention here- the new Nokia ad, to combat declining sales because of the growth of Blackberry in India- the ads that feature WhatsApp and Burp apps- brilliant again. I love the way it's been shot and the entire feeling- smooth, sleek, stylish and just so grown up but so graceful, so hazy yet so clear. I love the styling and colours- it's very similar to the Levis 'Go forth' campaign. Whether its the eternal question, 'Where we do we hang out tonight?' or the constant debate 'Green or Red Heels', the ads seem to say that Nokia is one of us, that the brand understands us- the youth.
And just the line- 'being young- is not as easy as it looks' - brilliance. I also particularly like the campaign title- Epic Dramas and the line- Smartphones for Life's Epic Dramas, because epic and drama just happen to be some of my favourite words. I think again, this is an ad, the target audience would really really connect to so they've got it bang on.

I really wish I didn't have to go study at this point, for Market Research that too, but I think passing finals, rather unfortunately is a requirement for a job in Marketing. 

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