Thursday, October 6, 2011

Eat Pray Love

To start off with, firstly, before I say anything else- Wow. To be that honest, about your own life~ Just wow.
Secondly, I was a cynic. One who turned my nose up at the mention of the book, pushing it away as just another self help book meets romance meets life is great book. I thought it would be pretentious and preachy and god knows what not. Clearly this is why you should never judge a book by how popular it is.
Because Eat Pray Love is inspirational. Its funny, its tragic, its real, its everything. Its so human.Its me.
It shows a journey, it guides you but not once does it get preachy which is a fairly impossible thing and hats off to Elizabeth Gilbert for being able to write so openly, so honestly, so heartbreakingly and yet just making it stay with you because not once does it ask you to do any of this.
And even though I always knew I had to fight for happiness, the way this book reinforces that thought is pretty stellar. Whether its the food in Italy and her pursuit of pleasure, or the tale of discovery of both self and God in India, or just the realization of the essence and finding happiness (within herself and not the in arms of a gorgeous man, although she does find him as well) in Bali, this book was just- I'm looking for a word to sum up the experience and I simply can't find it-...
Enough has been said, by everyone who's read it and loved it, and if I could quote the lines from the book I love, I'll probably end up reproducing half the book so I'll end here by saying two things-
Don't watch the movie. It's not a story a movie can ever possibly hope to do justice to. (Not that I've seen it. But really when she's talking about her path to God, her meeting God through meditation, how do they hope to do it justice? How can they hope to show it the way the words do?)
And two- Attraversiamo- Let's cross over.

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