Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Storm I Can't Escape

A few minutes ago it had been a clear sunny day and there was even a slight breeze. It was perfect picnic weather. In a matter of seconds the stormy clouds had taken over what they believed was once rightfully theirs. They had captured the skies and slain the sunshine; the brightness was all but gone.

It was a torrential downpour and the rain refused to stop, much like my thoughts. I looked out of the glass doors and I could barely see a thing. Normally if you looked out you could always see the winding roads, the houses and offices that were dwarfed by this building and a few dozen people in the alley. But today, today you couldn’t see a thing. The rain was in a way blinding. It clouded your vision, your judgment and you could just barely make out the outlines. You couldn’t see what lay within. Not a soul could be seen outside and even the animals and birds had fled, as if they knew of what was to come. The sound- the thundering pitter patter, the deafening war-cry, the roar of the thunder took over as the soundtrack as the rain continued to pelt down steadfastly.

This rain, was like you, like your love- blinding me.

You infuriate me. You make me angry, drive me mad and leave me just flustered and confused. And while I do believe that I have fallen in love with you, I just wish you would leave. Because it's easier to live without you than go through this everyday.

This rain, was like you, like your love- blinding me.
And I was like a deer frozen in the headlights- simply stuck, magnetized or maybe just awestruck. I couldn’t look away and I couldn’t not think. And this one thought took over my mind- How did life change so suddenly? It wasn’t exactly fair. How did things go from being so spectacularly awesome, so unbelievable beautiful to so utterly heartbreaking? How? Just how?


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