Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Endings is just a Bollywood Thing

There were a lot of things on my mind today that I wanted to write about, and this wasn't one of them but life is like that no? Largely unexpected and annoyingly unpredictable.
Bombay Duck is a Fish is not a book I ever want to read again. But I know I will. I will read it several times.
I'm a sucker for romance, for witty writing and even then its not at all easy to get me hooked to a book. I have to really believe in it, connect with someone, something or even one line. And if I do, then I literally live the book. The characters are my best friends and I live with them. I see bits of me, or bits of others in their quirks and little habits, in their eccentricities and their pain, in their hopes and their heartbreak.
And this one had no romance, only heartbreak. No wit, only the irony of life. But it also had Bombay, Bollywood, SRK. And somehow, beyond all logical reasoning, I liked the protagonist. And even though the story was rather morbid right from the start, I hoped for a bollywood ending. And I guess my point here is that it doesn't happen right? In real life.
Happy endings- do they exist?
I know SRK says they do, and with every movie of his he makes me believe in them. And they say art, cinema especially mirrors real life. But how, how can happy endings possibly exist?

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