Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Waiting For Godot?

As much as I hate waiting, I know its an inevitable part of life.
And if you really think about it, life is made up of a lot of waiting.

We wait for a new day, we wait for the nights that follow and we wait for the weekends.
We wait for love, for family, and for happiness.
We wait for endings- both happy and sad, and sometimes we even wait for death.
We wait for people to come, and for people to go. For the seasons to change and for time to fly.
We wait for answers even when we know we won't like them, we wait for results and we wait to ensure that we don't get them.
We wait, so that tomorrow can be brighter, happier and simply unforgettable.
And if you're like me, you wait for Grey's Anatomy, SRK and a few zillion ads.
All through our lives, we will be waiting for something or someone. It could be happiness even.
But at any given point in life you cannot be not-waiting- even if it is for something completely small and stupid like a sequel, or shoes, or the next episode in the show you're obsessed with. Because if you truly were completely content and at peace with yourself and everything around you then what would be the point? What really would be the point in existing if we weren't hoping and waiting?

We're humans. And it is only human to want.
And so, we wait. We wait for what we want.
And the truth is~ its completely worth it.

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