Friday, May 20, 2011

The Not-So-Write Way

The sad part about being (or rather wanting to be) a writer is that nobody thinks its a real job. Or even considers the possibility that it might be. Which is a very insulting thing to think, but I'm not going to get into that. Of course there are several professions that I think don't deserve to be considered as real jobs, but I'm polite enough to keep those views to myself.
And, no tweeting things does NOT make you a writer.
But my question is, if nobody had ever sat down to write, the world would have been a very boring place to live in. Really. I could say~ can you imagine life without 'The Zoya Factor' or 'The Undomestic Goddess', but I think most people can. But everyone has that one book, or that one article or that one line right? That they simply cannot ever give up on.
Words are what we're made up of, or rather what we want to be made up of. Thank you, for the skin and the bones, but I think most humans spend a large part of their lives in TRYING to tell people what they think, or feel, or believe in. Life is a constant struggle where we're trying to say things, trying to express our stupidity in words, and if more people wrote, or read, they would realise how easy it is to do that.
Not to mention what would we read if no one had ever written anything? And considering how I have the memory of a goldfish, I'm not exactly a fan of the remember-everything-you-say/hear school of thought which is how it was until writing came about.
Of course I would be extremely grateful if no one had ever compiled or written a Banking or a Programming textbook, but well you can't always have everything your way.
So my point really is, what's so wrong in being a writer anyway? 

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