Monday, May 2, 2011

Can I Just Get A Dog Instead?

Humans are a weird bunch. I've always known this, but somehow this past week has made me realise that so much more. We're all exactly alike and so unbelievably different in the same moment that it's rather scary. And as much as I wish we didn't need other humans to survive, rather sadly we do. And I don't quite get it. Because every single person you know or care about is going to annoy you or disappoint you at some point, the way you will annoy or disappoint every single person you know. Loyalties change, people grow apart, and things surprise you. It's a constant cycle of change. And I suppose it is only fair because sometimes we find someone else. We find others to build dreams with, strangers make us laugh, and sometimes we find friends when we least expect them. So it is only fair that that balance remains right? It is only natural that people grow up and grow apart? Only obvious that this too will change right?
Which is precisely why I think we all should just adopt a pup and live with that for the rest of our lives. Happily.
Because its simpler. And easier. And they are much nicer.
And we can then save all the drama for the fiction.
The lesser the humans, the better.
If only I could bring myself to believe that.
But anyway, if you're lucky, yes I am going to attribute this too to Fate obviously; So yes, if you're lucky, you find those people again. You get back the ones you once loved and it seems like no time has passed. Everything is the same all over again and you know it always will be. Though all the rubbish we call life, you know, it will be okay. If you're lucky.  

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