Thursday, May 5, 2011

Addicted to Advertising

Dear Pharma,
I know you save lives and all of that which makes you a necessity but can you please spend some money on advertising so that the brilliant ideas we get can actually be used?

Anyway moving on~ so, a little more than a week at an ad agency was enough to tell me I'd fit right in, because everyone there is a little eccentric. Sorry strike that bit about the little.
And there can be no advertising where there is no insanity. That I now totally believe in.
In one week I've learnt that all commercials are referred to as TVCs, rather tragically you cannot escape science, all clients are a royal pain, Creatives have to be pampered by Servicing and that no matter what anyone says Servicing is an annoying occupation. Also, if you are indeed sleeping at work, you're halfway there to being a highly successful advertising professional.
I also now know that I cannot for the life of me see myself doing anything else. Except maybe writing.
Advertising is my drug. Its what gives me a high. Which would clearly explain my obsession with Shubh Aarambh, but never mind that.
Advertising isn't easy. If you're in Creative, you've got to be okay with a constant rejection of ideas, because all ideas don't make sense, they aren't pratical, or they are too complicated. And apart from the rejection, you've got to be able to let go instantly, and continue ideating so you can suggest something else. It's just not easy. Especially when you're surrounded by some brilliant minds who shoot off ideas every 2 minutes. It isn't easy to let go of the ideas you get, the words you put together because copywriters are sentimental fools. We don't like changing it, because to us, it fits perfectly. You're not going to go and change your baby's socks just because some distant relative or even the father for that matter says that it doesn't match the clothes. You'd just hit the person, and get on with life. In advertising, you can't. And of course it doesn't help that everyone thinks that they are excellent copywriters. *rolls eyes* Because ultimately it's just about putting a few words together right?
Advertising- even though it is the most exhausting, tiring and painful work I've ever had to do, is what makes me happy. So even if I had to scrap the best idea I had or let go of 3 brilliant words or write briefs all day long, or research some obscure thing and write up an extensive report which no one will read anyway, it's okay. The idea of 48 hour work shifts, lack of a proper life, and never getting time to write (apart from copy of course) is all just completely okay somehow.
Because its Advertising. Its worth it.
It can't not be.

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