Sunday, May 29, 2011

Selective Memory

It’s easy to forget things.
I should know, considering how I forget where I keep my post-its. Sigh.
It’s so easy to let things just slip out of your mind. To let other things, other moments occupy that space. It’s simple really.
It’s easy to forget. Easier to make newer memories.

We’re humans. We forget birthdays. We forget to buy things. We lose our lists. We forget the time. We forget to call people.
And sometimes we forget who we are.

And that’s all okay. Because you will always remember something else in return. That balance will remain.
And if you forget who you are, you’ll find yourself again, or someone will always be around to help you. To teach you how to walk all over again. To remind you of who you were and what you believed in.

And even if that doesn’t happen, then maybe you’ll simply just change for the better. Because change is the only constant right?

So forgetting things- that’s okay. It’s easy. Simple.
What happens when you can’t?

We've all got memories we'd like to forget. Things we wish had never happened. Words we wish we'd never said. So what do you do when you can't forget?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Waiting For Godot?

As much as I hate waiting, I know its an inevitable part of life.
And if you really think about it, life is made up of a lot of waiting.

We wait for a new day, we wait for the nights that follow and we wait for the weekends.
We wait for love, for family, and for happiness.
We wait for endings- both happy and sad, and sometimes we even wait for death.
We wait for people to come, and for people to go. For the seasons to change and for time to fly.
We wait for answers even when we know we won't like them, we wait for results and we wait to ensure that we don't get them.
We wait, so that tomorrow can be brighter, happier and simply unforgettable.
And if you're like me, you wait for Grey's Anatomy, SRK and a few zillion ads.
All through our lives, we will be waiting for something or someone. It could be happiness even.
But at any given point in life you cannot be not-waiting- even if it is for something completely small and stupid like a sequel, or shoes, or the next episode in the show you're obsessed with. Because if you truly were completely content and at peace with yourself and everything around you then what would be the point? What really would be the point in existing if we weren't hoping and waiting?

We're humans. And it is only human to want.
And so, we wait. We wait for what we want.
And the truth is~ its completely worth it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Not-So-Write Way

The sad part about being (or rather wanting to be) a writer is that nobody thinks its a real job. Or even considers the possibility that it might be. Which is a very insulting thing to think, but I'm not going to get into that. Of course there are several professions that I think don't deserve to be considered as real jobs, but I'm polite enough to keep those views to myself.
And, no tweeting things does NOT make you a writer.
But my question is, if nobody had ever sat down to write, the world would have been a very boring place to live in. Really. I could say~ can you imagine life without 'The Zoya Factor' or 'The Undomestic Goddess', but I think most people can. But everyone has that one book, or that one article or that one line right? That they simply cannot ever give up on.
Words are what we're made up of, or rather what we want to be made up of. Thank you, for the skin and the bones, but I think most humans spend a large part of their lives in TRYING to tell people what they think, or feel, or believe in. Life is a constant struggle where we're trying to say things, trying to express our stupidity in words, and if more people wrote, or read, they would realise how easy it is to do that.
Not to mention what would we read if no one had ever written anything? And considering how I have the memory of a goldfish, I'm not exactly a fan of the remember-everything-you-say/hear school of thought which is how it was until writing came about.
Of course I would be extremely grateful if no one had ever compiled or written a Banking or a Programming textbook, but well you can't always have everything your way.
So my point really is, what's so wrong in being a writer anyway? 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Addicted to Advertising

Dear Pharma,
I know you save lives and all of that which makes you a necessity but can you please spend some money on advertising so that the brilliant ideas we get can actually be used?

Anyway moving on~ so, a little more than a week at an ad agency was enough to tell me I'd fit right in, because everyone there is a little eccentric. Sorry strike that bit about the little.
And there can be no advertising where there is no insanity. That I now totally believe in.
In one week I've learnt that all commercials are referred to as TVCs, rather tragically you cannot escape science, all clients are a royal pain, Creatives have to be pampered by Servicing and that no matter what anyone says Servicing is an annoying occupation. Also, if you are indeed sleeping at work, you're halfway there to being a highly successful advertising professional.
I also now know that I cannot for the life of me see myself doing anything else. Except maybe writing.
Advertising is my drug. Its what gives me a high. Which would clearly explain my obsession with Shubh Aarambh, but never mind that.
Advertising isn't easy. If you're in Creative, you've got to be okay with a constant rejection of ideas, because all ideas don't make sense, they aren't pratical, or they are too complicated. And apart from the rejection, you've got to be able to let go instantly, and continue ideating so you can suggest something else. It's just not easy. Especially when you're surrounded by some brilliant minds who shoot off ideas every 2 minutes. It isn't easy to let go of the ideas you get, the words you put together because copywriters are sentimental fools. We don't like changing it, because to us, it fits perfectly. You're not going to go and change your baby's socks just because some distant relative or even the father for that matter says that it doesn't match the clothes. You'd just hit the person, and get on with life. In advertising, you can't. And of course it doesn't help that everyone thinks that they are excellent copywriters. *rolls eyes* Because ultimately it's just about putting a few words together right?
Advertising- even though it is the most exhausting, tiring and painful work I've ever had to do, is what makes me happy. So even if I had to scrap the best idea I had or let go of 3 brilliant words or write briefs all day long, or research some obscure thing and write up an extensive report which no one will read anyway, it's okay. The idea of 48 hour work shifts, lack of a proper life, and never getting time to write (apart from copy of course) is all just completely okay somehow.
Because its Advertising. Its worth it.
It can't not be.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Can I Just Get A Dog Instead?

Humans are a weird bunch. I've always known this, but somehow this past week has made me realise that so much more. We're all exactly alike and so unbelievably different in the same moment that it's rather scary. And as much as I wish we didn't need other humans to survive, rather sadly we do. And I don't quite get it. Because every single person you know or care about is going to annoy you or disappoint you at some point, the way you will annoy or disappoint every single person you know. Loyalties change, people grow apart, and things surprise you. It's a constant cycle of change. And I suppose it is only fair because sometimes we find someone else. We find others to build dreams with, strangers make us laugh, and sometimes we find friends when we least expect them. So it is only fair that that balance remains right? It is only natural that people grow up and grow apart? Only obvious that this too will change right?
Which is precisely why I think we all should just adopt a pup and live with that for the rest of our lives. Happily.
Because its simpler. And easier. And they are much nicer.
And we can then save all the drama for the fiction.
The lesser the humans, the better.
If only I could bring myself to believe that.
But anyway, if you're lucky, yes I am going to attribute this too to Fate obviously; So yes, if you're lucky, you find those people again. You get back the ones you once loved and it seems like no time has passed. Everything is the same all over again and you know it always will be. Though all the rubbish we call life, you know, it will be okay. If you're lucky.