Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bombay in the Rains

I want to be back in Bombay. Especially when it is raining.
Yes, it is dirty. Pathetically unimaginably dirty. More so in the rains. I'm not even going to talk about how littered and crowded the beaches are considering I haven't been to a Bombay beach in about seven years now. And the fact that the water in the sea is anything but blue in colour. And Bombay is almost always smelly- it smells of fish, salt, sweat and the sea. And then there's the perpetual dust and dirt in the air. And the humidity. And the fact that you cannot see a single star in the sky even on the clearest of nights. And that ten minutes outside and you're dying to escape the heat. And its an insanely, ridiculously competitive place to be in. Bombay is known for its tragedies. But I still long to be back there.
Because at the end of the day, nothing does quite inspire me to write, or make me smile to myself the way Bombay and Nariman Point do. Nariman Point is one of the most amazing places I've been to simply because what you can see from there will leave you speechless. Whether it's the Queens Necklace, or the Arabian Sea that stretches out indefinitely before you, Nariman Point is where we go back to find ourselves again. Which is why every couple that has ever romanced in Bombay has on some sultry evening or the other come here to take in the wind, the rain, the sea and to embrace the overwhelming nature of love. And why irrespective of what day of the week it is, Nariman Point is where every person who has given up, goes, to find that strength. Nothing makes me calmer than the Sea Link, which in the night is absurdly non-threatening despite the fact that the sea is pitch black and you can't see a thing save for a few small buildings that dot the hinterland. Despite being the busiest, most over crowded place in India, Bombay - the big, scary city- the land of dreams, has this unruffled, serene even, quality to it. It makes you sigh peacefully. I miss Bombay- the smell, the sounds, the view and more than anything else the spirit. And even though it's been seven months since I went there, I haven't forgotten anything about the view from Marine Drive and Nariman Point.
And considering how TUCS is based in Bombay, I really need to go back to figure out various important, highly crucial and strategic details like where exactly I want the offices to be located, (Cuffe Parade obviously) and where everyone lives, (Malad, Bandra, Colaba, Andheri and Chowpatty) and where they eat (Theobroma- Colaba, Indigo Deli- Lower Parel, Basilico, Jazz By The Bay- Marine Drive, Trishna- Kala Ghoda, Olive, Mahesh Lunch Home and Brijwasi Sweets-Andheri). And no, I refuse to Google this, or ask any one of my many million extended family members who live there simply because it just isn't the same thing as actually feeling what Bombay makes me feel~ inspired, hungry and just so damn happy.

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