Monday, April 11, 2011

Checks, Conflict and Consistency

It seems like all I do these days is write about how awesome I think everything else is. No wonder I'm not writing anything these days. Well anything worth reading. Its good in the way that I hated reviewing things and now I actually don't mind it so much.
Which brings me to Ashton Kutcher and No Strings Attached. Yes, I know I'm completely insane but its him. And when he says the things he says- "Wait. You should know that if you come any close I'm never letting you go." I want to kill myself. Yes, its corny, and predictable and I'm pathetic but look at him and tell me you disagree. Considering how Mash finally accepted that he looks good, I dont think anyone in their right mind will say otherwise.
Not to mention he makes her a period mix. I have never seen that before. It was hilarious and it made me smile which is all movies like this one are supposed to do anyway.
Also, I think a huge part of the charm is that he's a writer. *sighs* And the fact that she's a doctor, in Mash's words, makes it feel like a Greys hangover. Anyway coming back to the most important scene in the movie- him leaning against the car with a hearbreakingly right smile, not to mention those checks on their V Day date. He looks eatable. Really.
Did I say I write reviews these days? Sorry, I meant I gush.
Gush and bitch.
I hate the fact that I actually like the Docomo ads with Ranbir. Because I hate both the brand and the star. But the tagline- keep it simple, silly is pretty good. And as much as I may roll my eyes everytime it comes on I can't help grinning. Its annoying. So much conflict I cannot deal with. Even though conflict celebrates the differences in thoughts that exist both between and within every human being.
All over this year I've seen brands I love make really crappy ads, and brands I hate make really good ads. Its annoying. It really tests brand loyalty and the ad obsessed person in me dies.
The Zoozoos are now starting to annoy me. I cannot believe I am saying this but yes. Its a little too overdone now, and considering how the IPL is going to go on for another month, I'm actually dreading the ads to come.
Then there's the Aircel ad which for the life of me I cannot figure out why I like. But I do.
BMW has an ad I subconciously hum along to and Idea has a very pathetic 3G launch campaign. Because one Ab Jr is enough. I don't need 3 for 3G, and no I don't even want to get Idea.
Coke continues with their 'Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr' campaign and I continue to pray each day for the same thing~ 'Pull that ad out already.' And Cadbury comes out with a not-so-spectacular campaign to follow the absolutely splendid Shubh Aarambh one.
None of the airlines seem to be coming out with any ads which is a pity because I love airports, planes and just the concepts they bring about in their ads.
And SRK~ What are you doing? No, really. I can't remember the last good ad you did. Which is a shame.
Also I'm so grateful I'm no longer a Nokia person because the new ad that they've come out with makes me want to kill myself. Its a retarded song conversation between a boy and girl and accepting friend requests and making social life better. Also I really dont think it was my imagination so I'm pretty sure there was a line that went 'Btw baby smile' or something like that. *hits head against wall repeatedly*
Thankfully there's Airtel as always to cheer me up with their heartbreakingly good ad- the 3G video calling featuring a young soldier and his wife~ makes me sigh.
And Karbonn which always makes me change the channel. At least some things never change!

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