Friday, March 18, 2011

What's The Weather Like?

So there's a lot of things that i should be doing right now, instead of typing this post out. Like writing things that need to be submitted tomorrow, or cleaning the perpetual mess that my room is in or even trying to study for my practical exams which being on Monday, isn't all that far away but no, no all my stupid head can do is think. And I don't even want to think. About anything for that matter. And especially not about how its been six months since I went on a holiday because I just want a vacation. I want to go away to some place where no one is going to tell me what I should be doing, where no one really wants me to do anything. And where my mind leaves me alone as well, because clearly it is rather stupid. And clearly also rather stubborn, because I cannot seem to stop thinking about this one thing.

I hate when I run out of things to talk about with people, especially -no only- when it’s the ones I love- the ones I generally can't stop chattering nineteen hundred to the dozen with. Because I know I talk a lot, or at least that I can, depending on the circumstances. But people drift apart, and all of a sudden there are no words, no words to say what you feel out of the many million words that exist, and the many zillion that are invented on a daily basis- Twitterati, Twitterverse, Tweet-up and Twestival being excellent examples. Yes I hate Twitter, clearly.
Anyway my point is that how can we possibly not have any words for someone when there is no lack of words in this world? How do two such bloody close people drift apart so much that even a 5 minute conversation ends up being awkward and filled with long, seemingly unending pauses? Why does it become so hard for us to tell the people we love what it is that we really need and what would make us happy? Because honestly, wouldn't it just be so much easier if they knew what it was that we thought and felt?

Is it just a phase, is it growing up and growing apart or is it just a necessary step in every relationship that will ever be a part of our lives? And most importantly how do you get back to what you used to be?

And yes, I know that there is no right answer for each of these questions and it comes down to those two people and what they believe in, but i still cannot seem to stop thinking. I think its because I've watched way too much of Criminal Minds in the last one week. And there's only so much of that show that you can take before you go insane. So, Grey's Anatomy- will you hurry up and get done with your spring break already? 

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