Monday, December 27, 2010

Breaking My Heart - One Ad at a Time

There's a reason I havent written anything in SO long-
Its December and the end of another year and what a year at that. Oh and its an end of a decade as well. Sigh. Depressing, I know, I know. I remember New Years Eve 1999 and the excitement about a new millennium! And now, ten years are done. And my life refuses to slow down. Its just as obstinate as I am apparently.

I don't remember most of my life clearly but I do know this- Every year I write/think about how time flies by and I can't believe it. How is it December already? Blah Blah. This year I'm not. I'm NOT going to say time flew by, cause I know it does. And also simply cause I really just don't want to think of the future and what it holds for me. I refuse to. And I happen to be rather distracted as well.

So this December, I'm just doing what I love- After one week of watching ads painstaking I've come up with my list of the top ten for this year-

The Cadbury Shubh Arambh ads takes top place for its sheer simplicity and the use of the quintessential Hindi movie hero dialogue-"Maa kehti hai shubh kaam karne se pehle meetha khana chahiye" in the most endearing and innocent way possible. It makes you smile.

Its not been over displayed on channels so it does retain its novelty and uniqueness even months later. I know I stop and watch. Its young, fresh and raw. They found faces that seem like you and me, just anyone. And that strikes a chord instantly.The other Shubh Aarambh one- the girl running away from home brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. I swear. Yes, I'm crazy, but it is heartwrenchingly good. And I've seen it a hundred times at least. I dunno what it is. But this campaign just tugs at the heartstrings, leaves u with a warm feeling, wanting so much more!

The other ad I never get tired of watching is the Tanishq ad. Because yes, even after a 100 years, men will NOT understand how a woman's mind works. They arent supposed to in any case. And jewelry as exquisite as that, is motivation enough of think of marriage. Truly. Again, it wasnt flashed on my tv screen every ten minutes irrespective of what show I was watching, which is why I love it.

Times of India- Aman Ki Asha- what an ad, what a cause! It brought tears to my eyes every single time I saw it, more so because I do genuinely believe that people can live happily together no matter what. And they make a reference to SRK in the ad. How could anyone NOT love this ad?

Just for how annoying it is, Bingo. And that's all I'll say on the subject. Flip it :P

Coke- The new one with Imran Khan and the shadow play is fascinating for its concepts, and reminds me of their earlier Strange Love ad. The theme, styling and feel is very similar. Plus its Imran. :) Its new, smooth and slick. Very urban. Its the beginning of a change in the way products will be advertised.

The Vodafone zoozoos came and revolutionized Indian advertising! I've never seen so much variety, so much innovation and good humour in one campaign. And I've also never heard of an ad character becoming so popular that months after these ads stopped appearing on tv, people would throng markets to buy memorabilia- t shirts, cups and what not!

Tata Sky Plus- I don't like Aamir. I think he's tooo perfect. But these ads- what sheer creativity and talent. Wow!

Idea- Every single ad of theirs makes me say what an idea sirjee! I smile, take a few moments to let the ad sink in and then just wonder where all their ideas come from. Some beautiful campaigns- the elections, education for everyone, efficiency in facilities and services, saving the trees, and language-no-bar. How do the do it? How can they possibly make so many fantastic, heartbreakingly good campaigns in ONE year? How can they be so intelligent when it comes to their ads, so Indian, so rooted and so unique?

Airtel- because SRK had to be on this list without a doubt. How long does it take to tell someone you love them? How long does it take to say you're sorry? A couple of seconds? Yes.
Indigo On Time and Blackberry- They're both very modern ads, specifically targeting a younger group. The Blackerry tagline- Do what you love, love what you do is pure genius, and shows the changing face of this once-upon-a-time-reserved-for-snooty-businessmen phone. The Indigo On Time Campiagn talks about their USP- something we all want to be- On Time.

So yeah. I wish I had done at least ONE of these ridiculously heartbreakingly awesome ads. Which is why, for once, I look forward to the future. Really!

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