Monday, November 8, 2010

Sometimes it only takes One Scene

I've spent most of my Sundays watching SRK movies on television.
I've sat through annoying advertisements, (Will someone sue Kurkure and Micromax please!) not paid attention to my food despite my mothers repeated requests and on one particular Sunday I actually spent 9 hours watching his movies. That got me thinking. Because I've seen them countless times already. And I didnt just see it because I'm such a huge fan, I also saw them because they have this way of making you want to see them. Over and over and over again.
Movies today arent like that. Nor are the actors.
In this case of course, superstars.
When I say superstar, I'm obviously refering to his unique ability to appeal to every single woman (oh well most!) and quite a few men as well in this world. His ability to make us laugh, cry, jump with joy and byheart stupid dialogues from movies dedicated to his aura, know his entrances in most movies scene by scene, frame by frame, word by word. I'm talking about that. And his wit. His sarcasm and intelligence. And that smile. And those dimples. Sigh.
They just dont make them like that anymore.
Now take DDLJ for example~
Stupid scene. Stupid scene. Stupid scene. And some more retarded stupid scenes. A series of stupid scenes one after another.
Until this one scene.
Where there is this meadow of of yellow flowers. And she runs into his arms. And they are SO happy.
Yes, im pathetic I know. And its a cliche I know. And that doesnt happen in real life ever. I know. But I cant help it.
I love that scene. Adore it. Smile like a silly 5 year old who gets candy. Weep in it. Laugh in it. Get the goosebumps. Everything.
Its one of the first movies I remember from childhood. And one of the few scenes thats stayed with me over the years and remained one of my favourites. And, it probably will be one of the eternal ones.
Same with K3G. I know his entrance by heart- frame by frame. The focus on his feet, the shot of him running, all black, and then his entrance. And his dimpled smile.
Ditto with KHNH. The boat, the New York skyline, him bumping into Naina-Sweeto, and spilling the coffee. Laughing when he hears about Sweetos idea of the second marriage. The angel prayer and his entrance, the light in their lives and the light in his room.
Overdramatised, and unreal. But oh-so-amazing. So just where, where is the next one? The KHNH of 2010, the DDLJ of this year, the K3G I've been waiting for. Where are they? Because its been too long since I saw a Hindi movie I adored, loved, and worshipped. Its been waaay too long.