Saturday, October 9, 2010

Destiny, Bridges, Love and a Realisation

"Destiny is the bridge you build to the one you love"
          - My Sassy Girl

Sigh. So okay after stopping yourself a million times, and convincing yourself NOT to fall in love about twenty thousand times you go ahead and do the very evitable-inevitable: You fall in love.
LOVE- the one thing that terrifies most of us i suppose, because we cant define it, because we cant rationalise or explain it or just brush it away as just another linear equation. Love after all isnt an everyday thing, even though it can last forever- over the days, nights and the years.
So you fall in love, and of course if you're anything like me you just cant do a single thing about it. You  just sigh silently and hope that tomorrow will be a better day. But finally you decide to do the impossible- you decide to take Fate into your own hands, decide to overcome all the bloody odds and all the stupid things that are the 'big obstacles' You forget your fears and you let go of all that worry, of all those apprehensions and you decide that its time to build that damn bridge and somehow, miraculaously, from somewhere within you, you even find the courage to cross it.
And then what?
Why do we think that this 'one' is 'the one'? Why are we so overly-optimistic, so blind? Is it just blind faith, or are we just in dire need of being needed, being wanted? Is it that potent killing agent- hope? Is it just the stupidity of the human mind? How can we expect a relationship to last? How does it last without the people wanting to kill ecah other?
My question today really is simple- Is the passion worth the pain?
Because i dont know. I want it to be, but i just dont know.
Because i dont believe in living a life of only compromise.
Because honestly, sometime i dont understand how two people can want to live with each other for the rest of their lives- i'm talking of course about love and not marriage- and most importantly i cant understand how i want that, without understanding love.
Is the passion worth the pain?

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