Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 Bags of Patience Please

I'm not a patient person. In fact i'm not really patient at all.
There i said it.
And i've come to realise that all our lives we have to wait for things, for most things. We spend most of our pre-teen years dying to be teens, and then all we can think of is turning 16 and then 18.
Like 18 is the greatest thing that will ever happen to us. Which soon enough, we learn, its not.
We spend the entire week waiting for the weekend, we spend every hour in college waiting for the last hour.
Honestly i've come to realise that in order to get through life in one piece, and as sanely as i can, i need to be patient. I need to wait.
Because i cant get everything i want now.
And i cant continously over-obsess about those things when i'm not getting them, even though its what i always end up doing.
Its not in my hands. I cant write now even though i want to. I have to be patient and let creativity come whenever it wants to. And it probably wont come for a while, but i cant give up and lose hope right?
Because all the good things in life generally make you wait for them until it hurts so much that you want to give up.
I'm going to go and wait some more now by looking at the blank page that's been blank for quite a bit, but this time round i'll try to be patient.

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