Thursday, July 22, 2010

People and Pain

'No man is an island entirely unto himself' - John Donne
We cant be alone. It scares us. The prospect of being lonely in this world is not what anybody would want. So we let people into our lives. We have to. We have to take that chance. Because when we let them in, we make them a part of us. A part that will be there for us. They start to have a control over us and our emotions.
We let people in. And so we let in pain, despair and hope.
We let in chaos. We become willing partcipants in our own destruction.
We let them take a part of us, hoping all the while that we wont regret this; hoping they wont crush our dreams and hopes. We give them that power to hurt us, trusting them all the while not to.
We share stupid silly little secrets, and our deep dark desires. We share our fears and our flaws, and things we're ashamed of. We let them know our weaknesses, and our hopes. We open ourselves up to them.
I'll say it again.
We have to let people in. And so we let in the pain.
And as much as i hate it, the dark and twisty Meredith in me is back.