Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time really flies. My baby niece is three yers old today, which is so shocking because it was barely yesterday when she was crawling all over the place and now she wants to do gymnastics. :)
The fact that time flies annoys me. It constantly reminds me how we only have this moment, how tomorrow like today will fly away. Its not so nice to realise that i'm turning nineteen. Soon.
What is ironic though is the number of hours i waste attempting to put my pointless thoughts into words, as i continue my efforts to come up with something, that is a five on ten. And yes, this means that i'm officially back to working on TUCS.
I know it's all about seizing the moment and capturing now, and everything. I know how its now or never. I know how we are supposed to live in today because who knows what will happen tomorrow. I know all of that. I also know that if we spend too much time wondering, before we know it our lives will be over.
But sometimes, just sometimes, some things are just worth waiting for, and somethings are just meant to be, only in the future, however bleak and uncertain and out of our grasp it may be. Sometimes.

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