Monday, April 26, 2010

It makes the world go around apparently. Forgive me for being naive, but i thought love made the world go round.
Anyway i hate the fact that Mumbai isnt winning the finals because they are fixed. Because obviously people would rather have money. Which is something i dont get. Apparently its all about something much "bigger" than a game, or a trophy, or a deserving person. Its about money.
My dad told me a week ago that Chennai would win, because the kind of money that has been put on Mumbai is insane and the underworld cant afford to lose that so obviously Mumbai would lose. Up until about ten minutes ago i was still debating with him, challenging him, and rooting for Mumbai. Now I've given up and I'm just disgusted. It's a little too late to be growing up i know, but i hate the fact that this world revolves around money. And it only does so because we make it revolve around money.
Now, i'm not denying that money is great and all of that.  I just have two points. Money is the root of most evil, and money should never come into somethings- relationships and things of merit.
Mumbai deserves to win. They've been fantastic this year. And i hate the fact that they would have won if they were the underdogs, because then the big people would all go home happy with a lot of money.
And no, i'm saying this as a disheartened supporter. If Chennai wins the final due to their brilliance i'll be happy for them. But Chennai is only winning the final because of Mumbai. So i do believe its fixed. Because i dont see why Sachin would get out so stupidly. I dont see why the MI team would drop three catches with such great stupidity that you'd think they were the bottom team and not the table toppers. I dont see why Saurabh Tiwary would hit a ball straight to a fielder at mid-wicket. I dont see why they havent sent Keiron Pollard out till now.
So yeah, i'd have no issues if Chennai won on their own strength, because if you don't realise, i would be a lot happier too to see the world not revolving around money. It would be a show of excellent sportsmanship from the Chennai side. And i would be able to go to bed peacefully.
So much for being happy.

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  1. Love does make the world go round. The love for money!