Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I was extremely tempted to write that improper planning and non availability of power only further leads to increasing costs when compared to price trends which plunges the economy into an abyss of losses which would further detoriate the situation of recession. Then I realised that this was an Economics paper for St. Francis College for Women and not an exhaustive report on the country’s economic situation that was going to be read by the likes of Kapil Sibal and Omar Abdullah, both of them being politicians I admire.

My paper went really well, because the Ricardian theory of rent came and I love that answer. It took me almost an hour and 8 A3 sides to finish that 20 mark answer so I really think that that theory is special. Invigilating us today was a certain aJeeb Ma’am who apparently hates anyone and everyone with a vengeance. Francis that way is a pretty weird place to be in. Considering how I’m a pretty weird person and how I find Francis pretty weird I think both the pretty weirds nullify each other making Francis a normal place to be in which I find hard to believe. =]

As I’m walking down the steps to yoga class, I’m thinking about what a shopaholic said- ‘Born Indian, Buy Indian, Do Indian’ which if you must know was in reference to her maid wanting to do ‘pocha’ with a mop, instead of the traditional bucket and cloth method. While I wasn’t exactly thinking about pocha styles, I was thinking about how we love to criticize our country. OMG India doesn’t have this, it doesn’t know how to do that, and we’ll never be able to get this etc etc. In about 4 years from now, the majority of the Indian population will be the working population i.e the age group of 16-65. That I believe is our time to shine, only if we all haven’t fled to the West before the shine time arrives.

I can’t get the song ‘Papa Kehte Hain’ out of my head. It keeps popping up at all odd times. I think this is obviously because of Karan and Vishal and the time I spend thinking about Shall Run, but the thing is that they are already famous, with the Shall Run empire. So technically the song doesn’t apply to them no?

I believe in Fate a lot. Which is obvious considering how my blog is titled Fate. I was brought up believing in Fate and hard work both, but I do like to blame Fate once in a while for the things that happen in my large extended family. I’m seriously thinking of scrapping ‘The Unnamed Corporate Story’ and working on a family pot-boiler which has everything from poisoning to police stations and parental conflicts and honeymoon couples, card rooms, construction and cars.

Also considering how my parents and I have taken almost all our major decisions through chits, I’m surprised that they didn’t name me using chits. And now when I suggest chits, all I get is two dirty looks. I can't help it. I really do miss picking chits. The motivation speech that my mom was giving to me in GVK One really resembled a Hindi movie pot-boiler, complete with stuff about the enjoying the future by working hard now. There came a point where I did actually ask her to stop because there were people looking for the cameras since they thought we were the lead actors. =]

There is one leading English newspaper daily that claims that Sania-Shoaib are already married, while the largest circulated English daily in South India claims that the marriage might be put off. Why does everybody report differently? It only confuses me when all I want to do is drink coffee and read about what is happening all around me. Also I'm dying to watch IPL but I don't think that I'm very lucky for KKR although my dad is. He, being he, refuses to watch their matches, ensuring that they lose.

There is some kind of happiness in eating your own parathas. I’ve never been happier eating Chicken 65 and paratha as I was today, simply because I made it. Ditto with the brownies. Now all I need to do is to learn how to make the chicken as well., so that we don’t have to keep calling the Ex Stone Valley Canteen Cook – Antaryami, (I swear that is his name) every time I’m starving which is pretty much all the time considering all the swimming that’s been happening.

I finally found the perfect twist for ‘The Unnamed Corporate Story’ because when I discussed what I had in mind, my dad said it was perfectly possible, which removed all the doubts from my mind. This also means that I won’t have to ‘iron out the details’ of a love puppy as Miss I-have-copyright-on-lovechild suggested which honestly is a huge relief, because it means I can get back to writing finally. Love puppies aren’t exactly as motivating as corporate troubles. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to be mailing it to the two people who want to know what happens anytime soon because I want to be a little sadistic.

Oh and then there is also the small problem that writing such a big problem requires a lot of research and patience, neither of which I like. Considering how long I had to wait to get, discuss, and finalize the idea, and the execution hasn’t even started, I think it’s only fair that you guys have to wait for some time to read it.


  1. Fine.. Be like that :|

    And i'm very kind so i shall let you use lovechild whenever you want. I relinquish copyrights.

    Sadistic person :|

  2. So how exactly does Mr. Antaryami cook the chicken? :D

  3. Ayesha- I really dont want to use noble knights and love childs ever!!!! :D Its all yours!! :P
    Prash- I still dont know how he cooks it. My mom has the recipie and she refuses to give it to me :(

  4. Fine. I shall write brilliant story that shall kick your book off the bestseller list :D :P

  5. I really wish that happens. Because your book pushing my book off the bestseller list implies a lot of things-
    1) I actually finish writing my book :)
    2) Somebody actually publishes it
    3) It actually makes it to the bestseller list
    4) YOU write a lovechild book :D
    5) That gets published
    6) And it makes it to the bestseller list as well!!!
    Now if we just threw in some coffee, chocolate and cheese i'd say its an amazing life! :)