Thursday, March 11, 2010

Relationships are not easy. They were never supposed to be easy, and they probably never will be.
There is a very valid reason why the phrase 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus' came into existance, and this very reason makes us fall in love, and then promptly screws us up.
It's not easy to understand people or their decisions, it isnt easy to sacrifice, its not easy to let go of our individual wants, and most importantly it isnt easy to adjust.

So then what?
Do we just stay broken-hearted till another man comes along and breaks our heart again?
Or do we endlessly wait in search for that perfect man, who watch match our sensibilities, only to realise that he doesnt exist? Or do we resign ourselves to our Fates and settle down with 'Mr. Right only till Mr. Right comes along'?
Or do we end up in relationships of conveniance?

I know the answer lies in finding that person and spending the rest of your life with them, but that's not easy at all. It's not easy to love someone when they let you down, or when they blow you off, when they forget things. It's not easy to love someone on a Monday morning. It's not easy to love someone in the middle of an arguement.
It's not easy to love someone all the time.

In every relationship there will be a time when we hate the other person, a time when the other person hates us, and an even worse time when both hate each other. The key to a lasting relationship is to survive those times. To try to love a person even when you hate them.
And to love a person even when you hate the fact that you're in love with them.

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