Monday, March 22, 2010

Kriti Patell.
(The last time i wrote about my gem twin, you weren't sure if it was you! As if could ever be someone else!)
You do so much for me that i cant even begin to put it in words. Here's my miserable attempt though!
You are one amazing girl!
You know exactly what to say when to me, and most times i dont even have to finish what i'm saying, for u to understand. :) After talking to you my fears seem insignificant cause u always calm me down.
You've given me the best advice always!
When i say 'What would i ever do without u?'
You tell me, 'You'll never have to find out!'
And i know that ul always be there for me, the way i'll always be there for you!
You tell me stuff that makes my day! And you also message me the right things! :P
Here's to a lifetime of screaming excitedly about stupid things, and always being there for each other!
And yes, i love you too jaan! :)

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