Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm not sure where I'm going with this one, so bear with me. Its going to be a long story, or a short novel! I've just written bits and pieces and i'm going to put them up in that jumbled up, messed up order.

I bit my lip. Not in worry or exasperation but just out of habit. I turned my head to see him turn his away.

So he had been looking at me.
So he had been looking at me.
So he had been looking at me.
So he had been looking at me.
So he had been looking at me.

Right. I should probably just stop now. But I suppose the mental rejoicing was better than me actually breaking out into a war dance in the middle of an extremely boring (sorry Anuj!) Annual Board Meeting of Pinnacle, which, I’d like to add, we ran.

As Anuj droned on, I couldn’t help but take my eyes off the lackluster, mind-numbing presentation being given on the company’s financial assets and investments, policies and position in the Indian market (blah blah blah) I didn’t want to know in the first place, so I decided to look at some better options. And I had to make sure he was okay. I snuck another peek at him. His eyes were glued to the screen a little too artificially. (But I guess I was the only one who could make out. Everyone else thought he was so focused and that I was so fidgety.) He was giving those fake intellectual nods. The I’m-not-really-listening-to-you-but-you-will-never-know-this-cause-I’m-so-good-at-pretending-that-this-is-great nods. How the hell could he keep a straight face in THIS meeting? I had seen even Jai Sir smiling. And finance was his baby!

The meeting got over an excruciating twenty minutes later. My extremely valued contributions to the meeting were, “Good Morning.”, “Right.” and “Ok.”

What a way to spend the morning. I didn’t get investments in any case. My world had nothing to do with them, which is precisely why we had hired some of the greatest minds in this field. I had them so I wouldn’t have to worry about finance. And on a fantastic Monday morning (when you love your work, Monday mornings are really fantastic!) I had spent 45 minutes listening to finance. Wow. I could have actually gotten some actual work done by now.

I hurriedly made my way across to him, not wanting to waste another minute. We had to talk about our next ultra-important client. (And I was supremely elated to have him as a client! :P) As I reached, he turned around (see we were perfectly in sync!) (Who was I trying to convince here?) Anyway that isn’t the point. His eyes met mine, (no that’s not the point either!) (And no, it wasn’t a typical DDLJ scene, much to my chagrin!) He had brown eyes- kind, soft, happy brown eyes.

“We need to talk.” I said this with as much professionalism I could summon up.
“I know.” He agreed. “I’m sorry that I left without telling anyone.”
“Yeah. Not about that.” I didn’t want to bring that up now. It was a story for another time, another place, and it sure as hell didn’t belong here. Right now, nothing mattered except for the client.
“Oh. What did you want to talk about?”
I handed him the file. His eyes widened as he took it all in. Then with an incredulous expression, he said, “How the hell did you manage to get him?”
“Talent!” I smiled, trying to control my laughter at his expression.

Even though I was smiling, I could feel the anger rising. Why did everyone react like that? Like they couldn’t believe that I was capable of doing anything worth talking about, when I had actually made this company from scratch. (Except for the finance part obviously.) He didn’t mean it like that I know, but it was still annoying. His was a more I-really-cant-believe-how-fantastic-you-are-and-I’m-so-lucky-to-have-this-company-with-you.
Okay maybe not so much but I might as well praise myself as much as I can while I’m getting the chance! :P

He was still staring at me, not willing to accept the facts, and I was in no mood to waste any more time. We had a ton of things to get done, and a ton was such an understatement. And we were running out of time. For once, I was glad that he had a private jet, ‘cause I sure as hell needed it today. I think one of the greatest advantages of having a team like ours was that we all had different USPs.

Growing up, we all had friends; whose closets we’d raid for matching accessories, shoes, clothes… the list is endless. With Karan it was an entirely different matter. He was a fantastic engineer, so we had science as well, but more importantly he had his own airlines and a bevy of private jets and yachts for all of us to raid.

We had Jai Sir, the finance guru, a man of numbers, and he had one of the sharpest minds I had seen in a long time, who was also Karan’s dad, and the person (probably the only one who could convince me to take such a huge chance, and Karan is probable the only one who could have given his father this absolutely crazy, but oh-so-perfect idea.) who convinced me that I could break away and start Pinnacle on my own. I then convinced him to join the Board, because he and Karan were financing Pinnacle anyway.

We had Shekhar, a whiz with logistics, and honestly I don’t know what I’d do without him, spouting numbers of prime importance out of his mouth every 5 seconds. With Shekhar and Jai Sir it was always a war of numbers, where the calculator was mightier than the sword i suppose! They were constantly debating costs, revnue and profits and target consumer statistics, and demographies.

Sanjana, my P.A. looked as though she had had tons of sugar candy, with the kind of energy she had, and the enthusiasm she displayed in fielding off calls, stopping people, co-ordinating all kinds of things that looked like they could never be co-ordinated as long as the sun rose from the East. This was the closest inner-circle at Pinnacle. And I dont mean to sound arrogant, but we sure as hell were the best.


  1. I like the way you've introduced the characters. There's a flow and it makes sense.

  2. I'm trying my BEST not to make it too full of "LOVE"
    Lets see how that goes.
    'Cause its killing me not to be able to make people hook up. :(

  3. :) Are we still talking about the fictional world? :)

  4. Yes i'm referring strictly to the fictional world! How could you possible interpret anything else? :P