Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I wonder why people find it necessary to repeat things.
We form set patterns, follow certain cycles.
These almost serve as rules to us and we continue to follow them.
And for what?

Why do we say the same things again and again?
More importantly why do we do things again and again?
Why don’t we ever learn from our mistakes, and why, why do we not learn to stop hoping?
Why don’t we ever learn to give up on certain people because they are simply NOT going to change?
Why don’t we decide to put an end to all the crap?
Why do we engage ourselves in these silly cat and mouse games?
Why do we listen to meaningless stuff all the time, and sit around watching when it is replayed to ten other people?
Is it because we love the people in our lives so much, or is it because we're all a little off in the head?
In this mad world, where everything moves at breakneck speed, and it’s do or die, how is it that we find it in us to waste precious time by doing the same stupid things again and again?
This irony amazes me, and the fact that we don’t question it, amazes me even more?

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