Sunday, December 6, 2009

I read another chick-lit last night- Right Fit Wrong Shoe.
I dont know why i'm so obsessed with them, when i've clearly accepted that real life is nothing like the fantasies they talk about.
Its only bad for my well-being because in those two hours that it takes me to finish it, I'm back in La La land.
And i'm sitting around dreaming about stupid frogs turning into charming princes.
At the end of the book, i finally realised that it was pretty lame.
And the lead couple broke up for a pointless reason, making the entire book pretty much pointless.
(A=B, B=C, Hence A=C!)
And i still loved the book.
Sometimes i really don't get myself.
My point here being, (yes i do have a point!) that is it so bad to ecape from reality for a few hours everyday?
And will this lead to me shifting back permanently to fantasy land?


  1. You will not move back into Lala land.. Because I love in reality and you will stay right here in reality. I'll pull you back from lala land everytime you even think of finding refuge there. And no arguments with me on this one.

  2. All right then! I'll continue to read the chick-lits 'cause ur gonna be there for me! :)
    What would i do without you?!

  3. Of course I'm gonna be there stupid :) You would die only without me :P :D

  4. That toh is so true! :P
    Miss you so much ma!