Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jacob Black,
You take my breath away.
You leave me confused and flustered. And i dont know what to make of you.
You disappear without leaving any traces, and just when i've given up hope you reappear.
And for what?
That i dont know, and you wont tell.
So i sit here and wait.
Wait for you to come, and wait for you to go away.


  1. So is this literal or metaphorical?

  2. Considering the third grade Bollywood movie we were talking about, what do you think? :(

  3. What is this sadness ma? Stupid Bella person. STOP.

  4. Do NOT make me his mother-in-law! :P
    If you have to chide me (which i know u will) atleast let me be Renesmee! :)
    I'm totally shameless i know but i'm also weak! So i cant help it sometimes!

  5. You are not Renesmee only. Fully shameless person, strong you will become abhi se :P :D