Thursday, October 29, 2009

We can say what we want to say, but we can’t feel what we want to.
It’s hard to keep the thoughts from coming into your mind. It’s hard to stop wondering, especially when you have so many unanswered questions lying before you. It’s not easy to forget. Or forgive. It’s not easy to laugh.
But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s the only thing you can do.
And when you take that one small baby step, you realise that it’s the single most giant leap you’ve ever taken in your life, and you’re free-falling off a cliff. Will your parachute open? Only time can tell.
But if you just breathe for a second, you’ll realise that you’re on a high like never before, and nothing can get you down. You’re finally free, and you’re finally happy.
That’s all it takes.
One baby step. At a time. No rushing.

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