Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There are so many ways to look at one thing, so many ways to interpret it, that it gets too ovewhelming and too confusing. We need to filter through so many emotions and opinions before we come to a conclusion. Every decision requires so much of analysis, and preparation. You need to second guess yourself at every step, and prepare for all the worst case scenarios. There are a million legal formalities, and endless precautions before you do something. There is just SO much involved, and so much at stake.
Being an adult.
It scares me.
Then there are those adults. The ones who get everything bang-on-right. All their decisions are like a stroke of genius, and where nothing majorly ever gets screwed up. The dream world where everyone wants to live, but is scared to, cause even a single mistake is the end. It's unusual. It's so close to perfection that you're awed.
That scares me even more.

But what scares me the most are the adults who dont act like adults- the ones who fail to take any kind of responsibilty for their lives or for the lives of others. They take decisions without considering anything and while that may be great once in a while, after a point of time, it begins to hurt their loved ones, and they ignore that. They throw away their lives, and i just dont get that.
I dont.

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