Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"We've been playing hide and seek for the last ten years, so please tell me that I've finally found you now." :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I try not to think.
I try my best to be happy.
But there are these moments, where all the pretense seems to fall apart, when the curtains are torn apart, the doors flung open and the windows broken.
Then i have no choice but to see what lies inside of me.
The truth, the bitter and grim, undeniable reality stands before me and i have no where to run.
I cant escape. I'm stuck. Paralysed in time.
Ages seem to pass. I'm stuck like that.
I dont feel anything, except this unbearable loneliness.
This emptiness, this void, strangely enough fills me.
And then finally something happens.
Someone says something, or the door bell rings. Or someone does something.
And its time to move again.
To come back to now.
I move wearily. Not knowing when i'm going to encounter this tiring reality again.
And then i start stiching myself up again.
Cause i know that no one else can do it.
And i know that i need to do it by myself.

Friday, September 11, 2009

In the past few months, things have changed so much.
Too many things have happened, that i didnt think would.
When i think of the past, it strikes me that i'm someone totally different now. My opinions, and views on people and things have changed. I understand stuff that I earlier didn't. I look different. I feel different. I feel new.
It's the only thing that i see around me.
It surrounds me everywhere. In college and at home. And even on facebook.
And yet when i look closely enough, i find the tiny things.
And so i am grateful for the small things that will never change, the people in my life, the ones that are here to stay.
The fact that some people will always be there by my side no matter what. No matter how many things change, or no matter where we go.
To the girls in my life, who give me the strength to be myself everyday.
My mom, Apeksha, Ayesha, Mashantha and Kriti.
Thank you, for making me realise that some things never change.