Thursday, January 15, 2009

There's this girl, who is a real 'gem'.
And all i want to say is that if it wasnt for her, i dont know what i would do.
Cause she completes my sentences for me, understands my fears and problems, and most importantly calms me down. And she makes me realize that somtimes its ok to make mistakes, and sometime its ok to fall. Cause thats the way life is.
I know she will always be there for me, and i know i will too. No matter how many people i meet or where i go, she will always be the one i'll call up and scream at, and get hyper with.
And we may not talk for days or weeks or even years, but i know that even if i call her ages later, we'll still giggle over silly shit, and cry over stupid things together.
Cause this bond aint gonna go away!
Cause she is my soul sister.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


All through our life we are faced by choices. Choices we make. Deisions we take.
What is right? What is wrong? Its all upto us. Nobody else does it for us.
We choose to hurt others. We choose to criticise. We choose to complain. We choose to grumble. To mope and to moan about every little thing under the sun, or even over it.
We choose not to help. We choose to be harsh. And miserly. And grumpy. And ungenerous.
We choose to be selfish. We choose to be avaricious.
We choose to be sad. We choose to be petty. We choose to be mean.
We choose to be narrow-minded. We choose to lie.
We choose to discriminate.
We choose to ignore. We choose to neglect.

And then who do we blame?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Thats the thing with life.
Its never the same.
It keeps changing and moving.
Sometimes its a tiny, narrow, twisty-turny lane covered with potholes and speedbreakers, that slow u down, make u want to scream and curse and at other times its this shiny, smooth highway where u live the best moments that just rush by.
It makes u go slow, it makes u go fast.
Sometimes it stops u for a long time, sometimes it just lets u go.
Sometimes u get hurt, sometimes u fall.
But isnt it all about getting up again, dusting the dirt off and going and getting what u want?
Isnt it about seizing the moment and using the opportunity?
Isnt it all about getting over ur fears and taking a chance?