Tuesday, December 30, 2008


They say that there is someone made for each one of us.
They say that when we find our soulmate, we are supposed to hold on tight and never let go.
They say that love is everything.
They say that everything will be ok in the end.
They say that one must never lose hope.
They say that whatever is meant to be, will always find its way.
They say that time heals everything.
They say that we must never give up.

They say a lot of things.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Thats the funny thing about life.
No matter how hard you try to cheat it, you never can. You can pretend to be happy in front of others, you can cry, you can act like you just dont care, or you can simply say its ok.
But you can never really convince yourself. You can never really cheat urself, no matter how hard you try because you know, that deep down inside you are lying and all you can feel is the hurt, the anger and the pain.
And no matter what happens in any part of the world, no matter how miserable you or anyone else is, life goes on. It doesn't stop and wait to see if you are ok, or comfortable. It doesnt stop to ask you, if want somthing better. It doesnt ask you if you are cold or happy or tired. It doesnt bother to know if you would prefer something else. It doesnt say anything to you, nor does it listen to you. It doesnt rebuke you nor does it comfort you. It offers no wise words of wisdom.
It simply goes on.